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We all work hard in life at achieving fulfilment and happiness. Then, somewhere along our path, we realise that, although we've acomplished a great deal, something is still missing. We know that there is more for us to be, to do, to experience and to contribute...


What is missing?

What is my true place in life? 

What is my full potential and how can I reach it? 


As a professional coach, I know that many people — even those who are very successful on the outside — are not truly happy on the inside. Many pleople want more out of life: a new direction that inspires their heart, new challenge that takes them beyond the familiar, connection to their deepest purpose and courage to live their dreams ...


How long have you been waiting? 


Your time is NOW and I want to show you HOW


I invite you to have a conversation that changes everything



'Nearly everyone will at some point question what life is really about. Nothing is better than seeing someone discover a new, more fulfilling way forward.' - Dorothy Martin 

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What My Clients Say

Good things atarted to happen. I started exercising. I did 4 boot-camps this week. I started eating well. I lost some weight already. I redid my budget and created saving plan. My husband and I booked 'that' skiing trip! Si I can now really see my vision. I dont know how but IT ALL SUDDENLY SEEMS POSSIBLE. I couldnt have done it without you! Thank you! XX

- Sarah B

I have been stuck for a long time...having been in the same job for over 10 years! I had no ideas what to do and how to get out... I thought to myself 'some people are driven, talented and have ideas and others don't' and I definately belonged to the second group.

You have helped me so much. Our conversations clarified so many things for me. I found out what I would love to do which seem so obvious to me now! Suddenly the feeling of stuckness lifted. I am feeling inspired. My life is taking a turn and it feels so good. Thank you so much. Thank you for listening and for your encouragement and believeing in me always. :)

- Donna A

'Dorothy, I cannot describe how much of a difference you have made in building my confidence, learning and being 'fearless of the fear', and above all - feeling that - I CAN DO ANYTHING! You have played such a big role in all that I have achieved. I am so proud. Thank you so much'  

- Alice E

'I realized that in some way I was living away from my heart and soul. I was constantly so busy... I grew with courage to take time for myself, which is not easy if you are a mum of two active boys! I realized that I had deeper longings... I re-connected with my ‘deepest calling’…I want to bring mindfulness to teach kids happiness from the inside! I have started mentoring young people from difficult backgrounds. I feel the buzz. I feel alive.’

- Zoe B

"I am not sure exactly what Dorothy did but my outlook on life…actually much more than outlook...changed… Something fundamental in me shifted. I am much more grounded, connected, much more allowing and less trying hard. I am much softer on myself and on others. I am back on truck with my work and my relationship and I am loving it! I have a fresh vision for life. Nothing has changed but everything IS different. Everything is better! Dorothy listens to every fiber of you. It has been life changing."

- Amanda K

‘At the beginning of our work I was suppressing feelings in some areas of my life.  Dorothy helped me to become aware of that… Dorothy helped me to connect with those feelings and express them... She also guided me to connect with the part of me that is confident, brave and playful, instead of being scared and holding back. Dorothy is encouraging, firm and warm at the same time, she pushed me a few times but in a very graceful and comfortable way.’

- Ana N

‘This could be a very long testimonial but I am only going to say this… After years of feeling stuck…blaming external circumstances, people in my life and my health… Dorothy thought me a new way of living… I have re-connected with my-Self again. I feel lighter and grounded at the same time. I am inspired to take small steps towards living my dream. It feels like something inside me in smiling…’

- Helena B

'Dorothy has helped me to have more independence around opinionated people. I started using my voice & expressing my opinions... & not minding what their reaction is!  Taking risks in this area & learning to EXPRESS MYSELF has been truly liberating & empowering!'

- Sophie W

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